The Impact of AI on Marketing: Trends, Tools, and Opportunities

by Susan Mullin

AI is a big topic these days because of the emergence of new tools like ChatGPT,, and many others. As with any new technology, there can be as much excitement as apprehension. In just a couple of years, AI has reached a level that can compete with human efforts in many tasks and areas. This has many marketers, as well as professionals in other industries, shaking in their boots right now, particularly copywriters, graphic designers and other content creators. If brands start using AI for images and copy, then won’t that render those positions obsolete?  

Since it’s difficult to envision where AI might end up, let’s think about how we can currently use it to our advantage.  For example, ChatGPT can be helpful for generating ideas, creating outlines and rough drafts. Think of AI like ChatGPT as your editorial or design assistant – it can create helpful starting points and work in tandem with you.  

Read on to see how is AI being used in the marketing field right now and where it is headed – you might even learn a few things that could make your creative process more efficient and effective!

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AI in image generation 

AI can generate images for marketers to use in campaigns and marketing materials, for example. It uses the concept of neural networks, receiving input in word form and using that to generate an image. This is particularly useful when you just can’t seem to find the right photo on royalty-free stock websites online.  

You can then use these images on blog and social media posts and other materials. Instead of paying to use stock photos that multiple people have access to and can use for their website or social media channels, you can ask AI to create a unique image with the exact elements that fit your content. is a good example of a website that does this: by typing in a few words, it can generate any image from “a lion in Van Gogh style” to “Harry Styles fan art.” 

It’s important to note that while this can be very exciting for the creation of many marketing materials, you cannot copyright images made by AI. Although very helpful, you may want to be careful when using the tool to create logos and images that are crucial to your brand. As of now, there haven’t been many known cases of copyright issues with AI-generated logos but it’s important to be aware of the potential ramifications.

AI in copywriting and blog creation 

As most people have seen by now, ChatGPT is being used in all things copy from writing a blog or social media post on a niche topic, changing a text’s tone or style, writing an entire press release – and even creating a poem. At this point, it’s even being quoted in scientific journals as an author. 

Companies like Verizon and JP Morgan Chase have recently teamed up with Motivation AI platform Persado to create hyper-personalized copy to improve engagement from consumers. According to one article, “in tests, JPMorgan Chase found that Persado’s machine-learning tool crafted better ad copy than its own writers could muster, as measured by the higher click rates – more than double in some case – on digital ads for Chase cards and mortgages.” 

AI-powered copywriting tools can help businesses automate their content creation process, save time and resources, and improve their overall content quality, assuming a human editor is checking the output for accuracy and brand consistency. As an editor, you can also train tools like ChatGPT to match things like the tone/voice you want so it’s important to learn how to teach ChatGPT through query refinement. Although this particular blog wasn’t made with the help of AI, we’ve previously used it on TorchLight Hire to create an outline of one of our blogs on lookalike audiences

AI tools can contribute positively to the creative process, particularly if directed by a skilled, knowledgeable marketing professional who can refine raw AI output. Because of AI’s need for effective direction, as well as results analysis and improvement, it’s unlikely that AI could ever fully replace a human being – at least for a long time. If you haven’t already, try it out and see how it can help with your creative projects – you may be surprised at the results!

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